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Richard Giannamore,

Barbara Bordow Osach
Vice President

Dorothy Suter
Vice President

Patricia Lopes
Vice President

Financial Program Strategies, Inc., a group of financial institutions, has been in business over 20 years.

Our Mission is to provide access to wealth and prosperity to all willing people. We market and deliver the $-Road to Riches-$ educational programs and products globally, and use the distinctions and practices of the programs to generate our enterprise.

The $-Road to Riches-$ programs are about ordinary people willing to master the practices necessary to generate ongoing wealth and prosperity, and achieve extraordinary results in all areas of life. Here you can acquire skills for living, and you can expect that great results will continue to evolve as you use the tools you learn. You will experience a new freedom, power and confidence.

Richard Giannamore, President of the Financial Program Strategies financial services company and creator of the $-Road to Riches-$ programs has used his own system to make himself a millionaire several times over. Over the past 20 years he has developed the $-Road to Riches-$ from his own personal experiences in business success and failure, and upon his keen observations of and interactions with thousands of people he has met, and those he has coached in achieving new levels of performance in business and in life.

People of all ages, educational backgrounds and job experiences participate in these programs. Some come with a general interest in improving their finances. Others are exploring ways to increase income, start a business or change careers. Others have very specific goals like becoming millionaires or preparing for retirement.

The $-Road to Riches-$ is on the forefront of empowering people in prosperity. It is more than just information; there is a real commitment to each person's success. You believe in your own ability to succeed.

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