Intentions of The $-Road to Riches-$®

  • You become accountable and responsible for generating ongoing wealth and prosperity in your life.
  • You become willing to share, contribute and acknowledge others.
  • You become free in your relationship to money and fully expressed with regard to it.

  • You become willing to say and willing to have what you say be realized.

    BE A 10!

    Being a 10 is one of the core principles of our programs, and one that resonates deeply with people. Be the best that you can be in life! Have faith in yourself and in the vision for your life, and trust that if you stay in action toward your goals, are willing to be at risk and operate with integrity, that you can achieve what looks impossible. It means being willing and able to keep going forward in spite of difficulties, disappointments and failures. This gives you tremendous confidence in your career, in business an in life.

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  • The $-Road to Riches-$® Difference

    The $-Road to Riches-$ is about ordinary people willing to master the practices to produce wealth and prosperity, and to achieve extraordinary results in all areas of life

    You do not have to, nor can you, change who you are You change how you operate and will have such freedom that circumstances will have no impact on your path to realizing your dreams.

    You must be willing to create a big reason for yourself and take action. The $-Road to Riches-$ programs and products are experience-based, and experience comes from taking actions.

    Experience gives you an unshakable way of knowing something. When you have experience of something, you know it in a way that is instinctive for you.


    "It gave me freedom to risk taking action I would never have dared to take in the past, and this in turn had me produce extraordinary results - the first of which was to raise $30,000 in seed money for my new business without heving yet generated a business plan!" - T.S.

    " I have the freedom to say what needs to be said even when other people may not like it." - D.H.


    "It really hit home for me that consistent action within an intention will change your reality. I made 30% more income the year I took the program. I've accomplished goals I never thought were possible. I really got a great sense of accomplishment, confidence and fulfillment." - Participant

    "The structure of the course keeps me accountable. It has me be in action even when I don't feel like it. Being in action opens up more and more avenues of opportunity. And the more structures I have in place, the more actions I take. I wouldn't be proceeding the way I am in my new business if I hadn't taken this course." - Participant


    "Through the $-Road to Riches-$ course I achieved great strides in my career as an inventor and independent product developer. The training is pertinent, the meetings relevant, and the classmates and instructors are hugely supportive. Thank you $-Road to Riches-$." - B.H.

    "This seminar has made a huge difference for me. I showed me how to be a leader, and that I have the power to make a difference in my life." - M.M.

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