MARCH 2009

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The Entrepreneurial Experience: Launch Your Business in Nine Weeks
by Richard Giannamore


Prescription for Stress Prevention

It is common now to hear friends, family and co-workers expressing concerns about job security, the economy, the loss of value in their homes and retirement funds. Many people are stressed out by the circumstances in which they find themselves, or by the circumstances that they worry will happen. Worry and the stress it brings spread like a bad rash. But there are two simple steps you can take to prevent stress and empower yourself regardless of the circumstances you are dealing with.

Step 1: If you are worried, shift and ďBe a 10!Ē Check in with yourself regularly throughout the day, and if you notice you are not being a 10, shift. Worrying doesnít change anything, and once you start down that path, itís easy to find more things to worry about. If you donít keep it in check you could find yourself worrying about how to find the time, energy, and money to deal with the physical and psychological toll your stress is taking on you and your family. Or, you could shift, choose an intention of freedom, power and leadership, and move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Get into action. But not unless youíve taken Step 1. If you are trying things, concerned about whether they are going to turn out for you, go back to Step 1. As Yoda of Star Wars fame said, ďTry not. Do, Or do not. There is no trying.Ē When you decide to take action from an intention to fulfill on an intended outcome and confront your beliefs about the reality of your circumstances, you get power. And from there, even if you donít get the results, you can get back into action. When you are in action that way, you can see opportunities that you canít see when you are worried.

The circumstances you face may not be of your choosing, but how they affect you can be a conscious decision on your part. Not to worry - you have the power!



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