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    Sharing, Contributing and Acknowledging

    You earn money when you share this program with others. How does it work? Pass along this powerful program to others and they get access to freedom, power, leadership, wealth and prosperity in their own lives. Lend your Box Set to someone, and you are sharing, contributing and acknowledging.

    You earn $25.00 for each registration into Module One as a result of your referral. You make money, you contribute to others. And what’s even better, you earn as much money as you choose. As a matter of fact, you can earn thousands. The bigger difference you make, the more money you earn.

    Power Comes From Being in Action

    You get access to freedom and power being in action. You confront the assessments and beliefs around money that limit you when you take on earning money inside this opportunity. Make thousands of dollars – now! Generate income for yourself, simply by sharing!

    When you invite others to this amazing program, you put yourself at risk – and you operate in faith. It is an opportunity for you to generate as much money as you choose and get the next module for free.

    You get power having a team as you go through the $-Road to Riches-$® Module One. The people you referred work with you as a team, supporting each other in completing the program, the work assignments and attaining your financial goals. Each of you in action, confronting your beliefs for what could be…

    Sharing is Easy

    We made it easy to share this Box Set. Simply write your Box Number on your Lend to a Friend Free Registration cards. Give one card to each friend as you give them the Box Set. Ask them to complete the workshop within two weeks and return the whole set to you.

      We included one set of the Work Assignment documents with your Box Set.

      We included eight (8) Lend to a Friend Free Registration cards in your Box Set.

    Your friend signs in using your Box Set number, and receives their own individual Account Number once they start Disk 1. When they’ve completed the Access to Mastery and register for Module One, we use your Box Number to automatically credit you $25.00. You can do this again and again as often as you choose.

    Remember, it’s easy to get your program for free. Can you imagine what it would be like if you and your friends and loved ones were all in action altering the way you operate around wealth and prosperity? What would work be like if you and all your colleagues were operating in freedom, power and leadership? Imagine people reminding you years from now, “you made a difference for me.”

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