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The Entrepreneurial Experience:
Launch Your Business in Nine Weeks
By Richard Giannamore, Creator of The $-Road to Riches-$®

Richard Giannamore’s fresh and unorthodox The Entrepreneurial Experience redefines the game of entrepreneurial success and levels the playing field so that anyone who has a dream and does the work can win. Whether you are already committed to starting a business or just thinking about it, or if you already have a business and want to take it to another level, The Entrepreneurial Experience will surprise, inform and motivate you.

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Learn to:

  • plan your business yet thrive on unpredictability;
  • raise necessary capital yet forge ahead confidently in the face of uncertainty;
  • effectively market yourself and your product or service yet embrace the risk of failure;
  • make money!


  • confidence to start your own business and know it will be successful;
  • owning a business that beats the odds and is still successful five years after starting;
  • operating with freedom, power and leadership every day.

The Entrepreneurial Experience starts you off with a blast!

Richard Giannamore's "The Entrepreneurial Experience" takes the "Just Do It" attitude to new heights. Ditch the business plans and put your seat belt on for the ride of your life if you are serious about your own business and want to do it fast. Don't waste your time or money on any other book or program." --E. C., Co-Founder EntrepreneursNOW, Inc.

"There are many books out there that will tell you the "how to" of starting a business. But so much of life has to do with attitude, thinking and the reality we create with our mind. We need a book that demonstrates that how we are is just as important as what we do... That is the focus of "The Entrepreneurial Experience." –P. L., Principal, Strategic Management Consulting for major telecommunications company

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The High-Income Mortgage Originator
Sales Strategies and Practices to Build Your Client Base and Become a Top Producer
By Richard Giannamore, Creator of The $-Road to Riches-$®

What could be more satisfying than helping a young couple buy their first home, or helping a parent fund a child's colled education, or helping an enntrepreneur start a dream business - all while you make a great living?

The High-Income Mortgage Originator is your guide to a rewarding sales career in an exciting field. Mortgage orginators not only experience the satisfaction of helping people borrow the money they need; they get to be their own bosses, make their own rules, and make plenty of money. Whether you are looking for your first job or transitioning from a corporated position, The High-Income Mortgage Orginator gives you all the tools to grow your wealth and your career in real estate finance.

This comprehensive guide not only provides a beginner's course on getting into the business, but also provides references, examples, and business practices that lead to high incomes. It teaches proven principles and practices in customer service, marketing, and lead generation that will build your reputation - and your business.

For example, you'll learn how to mount an effective marketing campaign to bring in more business than you can handle. You'll also read sample scripts that help you talk to prospects and bring them into the buying process without using pressure or gimmicks. Plus, you'll master the art of selling mortgages, understand every step of the mortgage process, deliver effective sales presentations, learn to evaluate mortgage applications and credit reports, and draft loans that make all parties happy.

Becoming a mortgage originator is a proven path to financial freedom, and good mortgage originators can make great money even in bad markets. The High-Income Mortgage Originator gives you the tips, advice, and best practices you need to build a thriving business with a growing and loyal customer base.

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Navigating the Mortgage Minefield
Your Complete Guide to Avoiding Costly Problems
and Finding the Right Loan in Today's Market
By Richard Giannamore, Creator of The $-Road to Riches-$®

The mortgage market is in a state of crisis, and the recent takeovers of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have made it even more daunting. Now more than ever, borrowers need to take responsibility for their financing choices.

As an expert in the mortgage industry, Richard Giannamore has helped thousands of people avoid the traps that can cost them a fortune. Now, in Navigating the Mortgage Minefield he shows anyone considering the purchase or refinancing of a home how to take control of the loan process, not fall victim to it. The book provides borrowers with invaluable tools like:

  • Self-assessments that help them choose the best loan features and loan providers for their needs
  • Clear explanations of "fine print" obligations in the mortgage note and the consequences of not meeting them
  • A list of borrowers' rights
  • Warning signs to detect and avoid loan originators who place their own interests first
  • Remedies if readers do find themselves in trouble
Complete with a detailed worksheet allowing readers to assess how much house they can really afford rather than how much they can qualify for, this book will help homebuyers and home owners make smart choices and avoid disaster.

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