The Corporate Program Team

Richard Giannamore is a successful entrepreneur and the President of Financial Program Strategies, Inc. Richard is the course leader and head consultant for the Corporate Programs.

Barbara Osach has over 30 years experience consulting in business and information technology. MBA from New York University.

Dorothy Suter has over 20 years experience in operations management, sales, business and organizational development both in the USA as well as internationally. MBA from Columbia University.

Patricia Lopes has over 14 years of experience in a variety of industries. Masters from MIT Sloan School of Business.

Producing Results

I own a cosmetic company that specializes in organic treatment products that are environmentally safe. As a result of my participation in the program, I increased my company sales by 40% in less than 7 months. Not only did I improve and increase my company's revenue, I acquired substantial public interest in the concept of the company and its products. - Owner, Cosmetic Company

I led the development team, trainers, and implementation teams to define common goals and work together to reach project milestones. As a result, my organization completed a struggling $30 million computer project in less than half the time previous teams required. We doubled the results while increasing project staff only 18% - Project Manager, Large Municipal Government Agency/NY

I managed a team to complete development and deployment of a large-scale system
1 ½ year ahead of initial schedule estimates. The project was delivered $1.2 million under in capital spending and $700,000 under in on-going operating expenses. Accelerated deployment was projected to result in $7.5 million additional revenue – Director, Fortune 500 Broadcast Company/CT.

I created a funnel of revenues of more than $750,000 in less than six months for a newly created service. - Director, Technology Company/NJ

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