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    “The Road to Riches opens you to a life you knew was there but had no idea how to live. You distinguish your automatic response and get past it and get into action.” – V.D., participant

    "The Road to Riches is your road map to success. It not only helps point you in your right direction but also gives you the tools needed to deal with those bumpy roads and pot holes you'll hit on the way." – R. B., participant











































    Programs for Entrepreneurs

    Kick Start Your Financial Success a powerful dialogue about your financial freedom.

    Whether you want to expand your customer base, reduce overhead and expenses, try new marketing approaches or take that great idea and launch a new business with it, Kick Start Your Financial Success is loaded with tools and practices designed with your financial freedom and success in mind.

    Meetings are online so you get the guidance and support you need to have a system that will have you fulfill on wealth and prosperity independent of the market conditions or investment strategies. This is not a get rich quick scheme or an investment opportunity. This is a system to get you on solid financial ground and to stay on track toward your financial, career and lifestyle goals.

    You set the schedule for when you will do the online session and the session is delivered on demand over the internet. You will need a broadband connection and a computer to do it.

    Your First Step:

    Kick Start Your Financial Success
    Get Ready Workshop
    Now available online for ONLY $59.95!

    This remarkable workshop will alter what you think, act and speak about money, success, freedom and power in your life. The Kick Start Your Financial Success Get Ready Workshop puts you in the driver’s seat like never before.

    In this power-packed 90-minute workshop, you see how you operate, and where you let circumstances get in your way. You begin to identify the results you want to produce, the actions you can take, and what would get in the way of you fulfilling on your goals. This engaging, multimedia workshop can be done in the comfort of your home or office.

    What you need: High-speed internet connection (like DSL or cable modem) and a PC computer.

    Entrepreneurial Course: Launch Your Business in Nine Weeks for $999.95 (plus tax).

    The Entrepreneurial course is a 10 session seminar designed to have you launch your business, develop your vision and powerfully engage. This course:

    • Addresses not only the “how to do it,” but more importantly and uniquely, the “how to be it” to win in business and in life;
    • Demystifies and challenges conventional thinking about what it takes to be successful;
    • Propels you through a proven nine-week program, at the end of which you celebrate the grand opening of your new enterprise or the next phase of your existing business.

    In the R2R Programs, Entrepreneurs:

    1. Create a BIG vision
    Leaders create big visions.

    • Are you focused on surviving day-to-day problems?
    • Are you just getting by?
    • What are you accomplishing in 10 years?
    Get passed your current beliefs and circumstances—you will find enough money and time!

    2. Set measurable goals in a specific timeframe.
    Business owners who do not set measurable goals set themselves up for failure – either in the short term or longer term.

    • Is your company going to sell $10k or $10 million?
    • How many new customers will you get in the next month?
    • Are your goals specific? Do you measure them regularly?

    3. Be in action daily.
    Not taking sufficient action to achieve the goals you set means you’re not taking your business seriously.

    • Have you given up?
    • Did you stop believing in what turned you on about being in business in the first place?
    Do you put off or avoid the tasks you find unpleasant/uncomfortable, when you know they will make a difference for growing your business?

    4. Use a system or method to keep track of your numbers.
    Business is about numbers and people.

    • Can you easily access your records?
    • Are you up to date with your accounting?
    • Do you have effective financial and business controls?
    Or are you just leaving a mess for your accountant hoping he or she will take care of it for you?

    5. Stick to your plan (intended outcomes).
    Changing plans too often is a clear indication that you are not taking actions in alignment with the vision you created. Yes, take advantage of unexpected opportunities, and have room for spontaneity, but most of all, stick with the overall plan.

    • Are you reacting to circumstances?
    • Are you sticking to your plan?

    6. Engage team.
    …Or risk burning out fast! You cannot grow your business and continue doing everything.

    • Business owners usually have a lot of will, are dedicated and work hard.
    • What if working hard is not the answer?
    • How many people are engaged in some of the goals you have for the business?
    • What are these people getting out of working with you (other than a salary!)?
    • People care for people who care!

    7. Do what needs to be done when it needs to be done: do not procrastinate!
    Which includes talking to people that may “appear” to be a pain in the neck, or having tough conversations that need to be had to forward the business. Leaders are not out to win popularity contests.

    • Have you given up on asking people what you need? Do you believe they would do what is needed if you ask?
    • Do you ask for the money you deserve?
    • What are you accomplishing today, tomorrow?

    8. Have some fun. And then some more.
    Worrying too much will wear you down, and it doesn’t do the business any good. Cut it out.

    • Are you worrying too much? Are you sleeping well at night?
    • Are you enjoying life?

    9. Have great attitude.
    Be great with your customers, your team, and yourself. Shut up your negative conversations. Don’t listen to the negative conversations in your head, from your family, within your industry. They don’t do you any good.

    • Are you complaining about the economy, the business and the employees?
    • What can you do that will make a difference?

    10. Kick thou self in the rear end often.
    Do what you say you will do. Be tough on yourself. When you don’t do what you say, it costs you. People cannot trust you; people cannot trust your business.

    • Are you fulfilling on your promises to your customers?
    • Are you honoring your commitments to suppliers?
    • Are you honoring your commitments to yourself?

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