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Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students Participating Schools

In Connecticut:
A.I. Prince Technical High School, Hartford

Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield

Bristol Technical Education Center, Bristol

Bulkeley High School, Hartford

E. C. Goodwin Technical High School, New Britain

Hartford Public High School, Hartford

Howell Cheney Technical High School, Manchester

Manchester High School, Manchester

Pathways to Technology Magnet High School, Hartford

Sports and Medical Sciences Academy, Hartford

Weaver High School, Hartford

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Kick Start Your Financial Success

Get the guidance and support you need to get on solid financial ground and to stay on track toward your financial, career and lifestyle goals. Weekly discussions guided by a Leader cover a new topic every time. One week the topic might be taking action when you don’t know what to do, and the next week might center on opportunity, risk and attitudes for success. You’ll gain insights from the group and contribute your own—or just listen.


  • No student loans hanging over your head
  • Money to pay your bills and have fun.
  • A simple way to keep your finances organized
  • The job or business you REALLY want
  • The life-style you love and can afford

  • Kick Start Your Financial Success is loaded with tools and practices designed with your financial freedom in mind.

    Your First Step:

    Kick Start Your Financial Success
    Get Ready Workshop
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    This remarkable workshop will alter what you think, act and speak about money, success, freedom and power in your life. The Kick Start Your Financial Success Get Ready Workshop puts you in the driver’s seat like never before.

    In this power-packed 90-minute workshop, you see how you operate, and where you let circumstances get in your way. You begin to identify the results you want to produce, the actions you can take, and what would get in the way of you fulfilling on your goals. This engaging, multimedia workshop can be done in the comfort of your home or office.

    What you need: High-speed internet connection (like DSL or cable modem) and a PC computer.

    The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students

    In only nine weeks, The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students has students launch money-generating businesses, and produces profound personal transformation for high school juniors and seniors.

    Here is what students had to say about the after-school program.

      “This seminar has made a huge difference for me. It showed me how to be a leader. And that I have the power to make a difference in my life. “S.S., Hartford Public High School
      “The difference participating has done for me is that it gives me the courage to stand up and state my opinion. I am usually shy and passive and this seminar encourages participation so I am not afraid to stand up and speak." E.R., New Britain High School
      “I have learned that integrity is essential in life. I have also learned that I should trust and have faith in those around me. I feel that these two things have helped me in my personal life. I will continue to get better in using what I learned.” R.H., Hartford Public High School
    Program Description
    The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students is an interactive, experience-based after-school program, specially designed for high school juniors and seniors. There are nine weekly after-school classroom sessions. The culminating event is an evening Business Fair between sessions eight and nine, at which the students showcase and sell their products, and to which friends, family and community members, including state officials and educators are invited.

    This is not a typical “how to start a business" course. Rather, this Course focuses on key practices that must be mastered to be a successful entrepreneur or employee - Integrity, Enrollment, Team, Freedom and Power, Leadership, Identity versus Intention, Faith/Trust/Risk, Being a 10 and Playing by the Rules.

    Using these distinctions, teams of students conceive of and launch a business enterprise in nine weeks. This is accomplished through thought-provoking discussion and exercises in the classroom, weekly work assignments, a minimum of three team meetings between weekly classroom sessions, and the creation and generation of the team business.


    Celebrate the new businesses created from scratch in only nine weeks by more than one hundred teenage Entrepreneurs.

    Experience the excitement of the students as they live inside the visions they have created for their lives during this program.

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